A little about Denise and Sharon and WOODY JR'S 

People ask us all the time what’s with the name Woody Jr’s Next Chapter. We know it’s unusual but it is the core of who we are.

We are Denise Woodard and Sharon Vignati. After we got married we became Denise and Sharon Vignati –Woodard. Denise’s fathers nick name was Woody. He had 4 daughters 3 who are definitely their mother’s children. Then there is Denise who is his spitting image in looks and mannerisms. She quickly became Woody Jr.

Denise is a retired police officer and Sharon still works in the food service industry. While Sharon was at work Denise needed something to fill her time. She took a woodworking class and fell in love with it. She began making pens, and wine stoppers for friends and family. She gave Sharon’s dad a wine stopper he put it on a bottle of white wine. He put that bottle in his fridge on its side and it didn’t leak! He made a comment about selling the wine stoppers, so we did! That began the next chapter of our lives and Woody Jr’s Next Chapter was born.

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